Thorgal Von Eiderstadt X Sartors Showtime
$1150 LFG

What an awesome addition to the Knabstrupper gene pool on this side of the pond! This imported Knabstrupper stallion is a rare find with an extremely high purebred ratio at 14/16 in the 4th generation. He offers his elite sire’s heritage and his dam sire’s bloodline in North America for the first time!

KNABSTRUPPER | 16.3-17hh
The Monarch X Pegasus Vom Niehaus-Hof
Limited Debut 2024

For breeders that prefer dark “nose-to-toes” spots, this fewspot boy will make them! He is color tested to be homozygous for LP, PATN1, agouti, thus, a sure-fire future color producer when bred to solid coated mares. All offspring will be guaranteed leopard or near leopard!

Section A Welsh Pony | 12.1hh
Nistar Blazing Kansas LOM AOE X Gayfields Hat Trick
$650 LFG

Bluegrass Rhythm is sired by the very accomplished Nistar Blazing Kansas LOM AOE, who truly needs no introduction to the Welsh crowd. His Dam, Wild Wing’s Trick Shot, is sired by Gayfields Hat Trick by Sleight of Hand LOM AOE OD! These are proven high performance lines, and it didn’t miss this stunning boy!

Half-Welsh, registered GRP | 13.3hh
Crystal Springs Capt Valiant X Ambrosius Af Asgard
$850 LFG

If you want an extra special boyfriend for your mare this year, this cute kid packs the goods! He brings the bling, pony power, plus presence! Stamped with the irresistible type of his Welsh sire, who won three “Supreme Champion” halter titles, this stallion son boasts a correct athletic build, beautiful movement, and best of all – a friendly, fun-loving disposition.